At JPB our goal is to deliver creative opportunities for Heimishe quality businesses to reach their consumers, as well as helping the consumer to easily find the business they are looking for at home, in the office, and on the go. We have a professional team that’s constantly working on new avenues for business to promote their services in efficient ways. We also have a technological team that works out the technical details and then implements those ideas in real life.


The easiest way to Find the
business you are Looking for.

The E-book is a convenient and practical way to look up over 6,000 businesses in your office. No need to find or share a book with all your workers and no need to flip through pages to find a business. Just select a category from the drop down list and the Ebook will find you the page you are looking for. Its hassle free and enjoyable, too.


In fact in its short existence of less then a year, the Jewish phone book has accomplished already
some major milestones.

Listing over 6,000 businesses sorted by category.
Complete business-only white pages section covering 9,000 business.
We have also designed a state of the art text system where consumers can find the contact info of any heimishe business just by sending a text from their phone, no web connection is required
An E-book which you will find so easy to use, that’s even more practical then a printed book (see below)

There are more breakthroughs coming

While we have accomplished a lot, we have a lot more working ideas in the pipeline to help heimishe business grow. Stay tuned